Painting Money Ebook


Painting Money Ebook

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Are you thinking of pursuing a career as an artist? Have you tried selling your work online but feel like you’re walking around blind? Are you confused about what steps to take first?

There are a lot of people out there claiming to have a secret formula or magic method that you need to follow to guarantee art sales…. I am not one of those people.

The information in this book has been compiled by me based on things i have learned after taking myself from nobody to full time artist in just five years. I am not a marketing or business expert, and the information i am sharing is not original or unique - if you spent enough time online you would come across this information on your own. However i have made it easier for you by putting it all together in one place and creating a comprehensive “How To” list that talks about all the things you need to consider when thinking about becoming a professional artist in a modern, online driven world.

Although I am based in Australia, I believe that this information can be used by anyone, anywhere. It is not country specific.

When you purchase the ebook you will be given a link to a PDF file that MUST be downloaded within 24 hours of purchase. So i would recommend downloading it immediately onto your phone, tablet or PC. If you are not able to download immediately then please make sure that you do before the 24 hours expires.

If you miss this download window then you will need to contact me via email and i will send you another copy once i have confirmed payment, this may take a few days depending on how busy i am.

Topics covered in this Ebook include

  • Are you ready to become a pro?

  • What makes your art different from others?

  • How to create good art practice habits

  • How to edit and work in a collection

  • How to find your target market

  • How to write an Artist statement

  • How to use social media to find and build an audience

  • how to approach galleries and retail partners

  • How to photograph and present your art in the best way

….plus much more

This document is in PDF format and has been saved to make it easy and small to download and view online, it is not saved at a quality that you can print from and considering that it is over 60 pages long i wouldn't recommend that you print it anyway. #thinkofthetrees You should be able to open it and view it directly on your PC, mobile or tablet without needing any additional software however some phones may require you to download a PDF viewer to read/view the file.


“This is the best money you will ever spend! This workshop changed my life and Clair is just truely inspirational. She absolutely opens up and pretty much gives a step by step guide which also highlights pitfalls and suggests shortcuts from her own experiences. I know I will use Painting Money for many years to come. I can not recommend this highly enough. Thank you Clair for your candid wisdom” Lee

”Thank you Clair, i am right on the fence and this book has given me the confidence to take the next steps in my career. “ Chantal

”AMAZING! So much fantastic and valuable information from someone that knows what they are talking about. I can’t wait to get started growing my art career” Sue

”This is exactly what I needed right now, it is so hard to know where to begin but you have given me a plan and goals that I can now work towards. Thank you so much Clair!” Sarah

All information in this document is written by me and in my own words, while there may be similarities in the information given found in other places on the internet and in books, I have not directly quoted anyone and therefore I have not included any direct references for this reason. The information presented has been compiled by me from my own experiences and knowledge. This document is protected by copyright, please do not distribute or use this information for teaching purposes without my permission. If you attend a class that is not being run by me and they use this document as reference material please question whether they have permission to use it and if in doubt send me an email.

Copyright Clair Bremner 2018.

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