“My artwork is inspired by nature and i like to  focus on bringing the outside in. My paintings are highly decorative, however I feel they also serve as a reflection of the beauty and complexity that nature provides.  I like to capture the essence of a landscape, stylizing it and making it my own. I employ colour, pattern and repetition to portray the layers of foliage and vegetation that can be seen within the landscape.

My paintings are both a direct reflection of my surroundings and an imaginary world – a secret garden that exists in my mind. A whimsical place that I can go to escape and be lost within. I create a world that i want to be in and that provides an escape from the everyday.”

  • Clair Bremner



Below is a virtual catalogue of my artwork, click on an image to be redirected to Artwork to find out more about the availability and location of that particular artwork. Some artworks listed are not available to purchase via my website as they are on location at another gallery, further information can be found by clicking on the “Purchase” button on each listing. If you have any questions or problems please contact me..