Art Cabrolet Charity Auction


Snow Blossoms 100cmx100cm


I am proud to be taking part in the Diamonds in a Paintbox Charity auction run by Art to Art and Art Cabriolet. A Not-for-Profit organization, the Art Cabriolet (AC) provides multiple platforms of creative art therapies for the expression, experience and understanding of personal trauma for children/adolescents. 


AC uses creative art therapies to emotionally strengthen children/adolescents braving physical or psychological distress associated with trauma.  Custom design and creative art therapy programs are implemented with health carers, social workers, psychologists, teachers and even parents.

The Diamonds in a Paintbox Auction is a fantastic way to support this charity and collect some amazing art at the same time. Tickets for the Gala dinner/auction are available via their website. You can bid on my donated painting over on the gala bid website here .