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Abstract Painting Workshop

In this full day in person workshop at my studio in Warburton I will take you through the steps of creating a large acrylic abstract painting. You will learn about colour mixing, colour values and what colours to use to create different emotions and what colours work well together. We will use a variety of tools and techniques to create different textures and patterns with acrylic paint. I will also go over several simple design principals that will help you with composition.





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Find Your Creative Spark Workshop

Warburton, Victoria

The workshop will involve a series of small tutorials designed to help you loosen up, explore different techniques and materials and spark your creativity. The small, easy to complete projects are easy to recreate in your own home and are perfect stepping stones to help unblock your creativity. 

We will be experimenting with acrylics, watercolor, drawing, mixed media, collage and more. This class is all about exploring art and having fun, at the end of the day you will go home with a sketchbook full of ideas, several small finished artworks and a head bursting with inspiration. 


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Acrylic Painting Workshop - All high-end Artist Materials Included.

Saturday 17th March 2018 - 10.00am to 3.00pm


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Online Art Tutorials

 If you are interested in seeing me work behind the scenes and learning more about my art practice then you can join me over on Patreon where i have opened up a community page. For as little as $1 a month you can support me as an artist and gain access to exclusive monthly blog posts, discounts, video tutorials and demos.

I will be creating content that will appeal to artists of all levels but specifically those that are either beginning their journey, have been painting for a while but are not quite sure what to do next or they need a bit of extra help in regard to the business side of being a full time artist. Or if you're not an artist but want to know more about how my mind works and how i create my original artworks then you are also welcome to join in. 

I will be creating challenges, tutorials, step by step videos as well as time lapse videos of me painting complete artworks from start to finish.  You will have the opportunity to ask me questions and get feedback on your own art and there will also be a monthly draw where you can have the chance to win an original painting from me.

You can read more about it and join in on the fun over here:

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Put Some Colour In Your Life

Below is an episode of the popular YouTube program Put Some Colour In Your Life by Graeme Stephenson. He visited my studio and spent the day talking to me about my work, influences and processes. I think i say "um" about a million times but it was a great day and it was fun sharing some of my processes with everyone.